Thanduxolo Doro

Thanduxolo Doro is a face well known in the fight against HIV and access to health care in South Africa. He provides overall project management to increase access to and improve the quality of HIV and non-communicable diseases care and support for farm workers at AgriAid SA.

He holds a Masters degree in Health Sociology from Wits University. His involvement within the profession can be linked with organisations such as the  National Association for People Living with HIV/ Aids (NAPWA), Secure the Future (STF) and Brisotl Myers Squibb Foundation to mention a few.

Thanduxolo believes in evidence-informed health promotion as a way of maximising benefits, reducing harm and cost of interventions in order to promote and protect the health of populations.

In addition, Thanduxolo is an ardent athlete with four comrades’ ultra-marathons under his belt and loves to watch Tom & Jerry.