Outreach program

The outreach program is designed to access areas of need where access to health care services are restricted and far from reach to workers and communities in agriculture, forestry and fisheries. AgriAid SA gains entry into these areas under authorisations from employers (a memorandum of understanding is signed between AgriAid SA and the affected employer before any business can ensue). On a set day, the outreach team consisting of professional nurses, project coordinators and counsellors visit such affected areas to provide primary health care services; including HIV testing, TB screening, diabetes and hypertension testing, initiation of treatment and ongoing monthly treatment provision.


The awareness session plays a crucial role in establishing a potent foundation, on which health education and the importance of primary health care are highlighted. During the awareness sessions, workers and community members are conscientized on the services AgriAid SA offers, to which testing, counselling and initiation on treatment form part of the activities administered thereon. Condoms are also distributed during these sessions and other services.

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Testing is administered by professional nurses and senior counsellors. Thus, clients are provided with pre- and post-counselling on HIV and issuing of results on site. In addition, those who test positive for HIV are enrolled into the Care programme and followed up by a professional nurse. All testing and screening are done in closed tents and client information is kept confidential.

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Provision of treatment

AgriAid SA facilitates awareness of and rapid access to information on health for workers and communities. To such, support is offered to HIV-positive, TB and chronic people with the provision of treatment at their doorstep, primary health care and are placed in support or adherence groups.