Greta Kostwinder


Gretha Kostwinder is the founder of AgriAids SA. She has raised the NGO in 2005 when she was still the Agricultural Counsellor at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Pretoria. It was in this capacity that she was confronted with the needs and worries of farmers about the lack of care and support for HIV positive farm workers.


Her stint at the Embassy ended in November 2006, from which date she started working as the Director of AgriAids SA till November 2012. During this period AgriAids has managed to get the support of farmers in setting up HIV wellness programmes for farm workers as well as the support of the Public Health Care. This cooperation turned out to be highly effective in helping farm workers to fight the HIV epidemic. With the support of AgriAids farm workers were enabled to take responsibility for their own health. She decided, after many years being abroad, to go back to The Netherlands, but is still involved as a member of the Board of Trustees.