Clinic-based program (Private Public Partnership)

The Private Public Partnership program aims at combating HIV and decreasing the burden of the disease from TB and non-communicable diseases among agriculture, forestry and fisheries communities. The program is supported by the employers in building a clinic for workers and their beneficiaries. AgriAid SA deploys a professional nurse and trained counsellors, with support from the national Department of Health in accrediting and providing medical assistance to the clinics.

The main activities and services taking in the clinics are:

HIV, TB, diabetes and hypertension testing

Primary health care services

TB and STI screening

Provision of treatment

Ongoing monthly treatment provision

The drive is to shift the mindset of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector on health care issues, contributing to a social, human and economic perspective, by intervening on lobbying commercial interests to consider HIV, TB and NCD as an occupational threat.  Thus AgriAid SA aims at decreasing the number of deaths and new infections in workers in agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

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