Healthy living forms an integral part in the development of our bodies and wellbeing. It is necessary that one takes precaution of the kind of foods that they consume which usually makes up a diet. A healthy diet consists of lean proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.


Why is it important to keep a healthy lifestyle?

Our bodies cannot produce the nutrients that our immune system requires to function properly, as such we need to fuel our immune system with a balanced diet. A balanced diet aids in defending the immune system to fight against illnesses, Infections, increase productivity, regulate body weight, improve physical performance, and reduce the risks of chronic diseases such as hypertension, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.


What happens when an unhealthy diet is followed?

A diet lacking needed nutrients and contain foods that are high in fats, sugar and salt are contributing to the development of chronic diseases such as coronary disease.

According to a study conducted by Environmental Research and Public Health published in 2012 page; 9  ‘’cardiovascular disease (CHD), including coronary disease(CHD) and stroke is a major contributor to the worlds burden or disease, ranging currently as the most important cause of death and producing substantial disability and reduced wellbeing among surviving people. Distinct measures of primary prevention mainly regular physical activity, healthy diet and smoking cessation have been investigated, with convincing evidence of respective risk reduction of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.’’

In addition, smoking is regarded as one of the major causes that contributes to an unhealthy diet, it is harmful to one’s health in that it can shorten your life span to ten years and more.


Moving forward, are you bottling enough water?

To stay hydrated throughout the day you need sufficient intake of fluids per your body’s recommendation which aids blood circulation, regulation of body temperature and flushes away unwanted toxins. Studies on hydration suggest that dehydrated drivers may pose hazards on the road. This can put the lives of other drivers and more on pedestrians, such as old people and children using the road daily. To avoid such occurrences, we need to change our attitude towards drinking water; taking precaution of the fact that water is required by every cell in our bodies.

As we mark the end of health awareness month, April, it is important that we strengthen awareness and intensify education on health.


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By: Witness Mbali Motha



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